One Night


A horror adventure with touches of role-play


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One Night is a horror game in third person created with RPG Maker. Due to this, both the graphics and the general gameplay remind you a lot of those JRPG of Super Nintendo and alike, although the setting is a lot closer to Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

The most important thing of One Night, therefore, is its story and its horror setting that in spite of having a lot of clichés will scare the players more than once. During the whole course of the game, a series of creatures capable of ending the life of your character will stalk you.

The objective of One Night, in any case, will be to discover who your character really is because after waking up in a mysterious station the only thing he can remember is his own name. Why he's there or what has happened in this place are two of the questions you will have to find an answer for.

One Night is a horror game with touches of role-playing, whose strong point is the setting and the story. Those who are looking for this will be pleasantly surprised.
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